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At 414, our goal is to change the way the financial sector invests. We aim to reduce greenwashing and stimulate financing activities with a real positive impact. We accomplish this by building a web application based on new EU regulations for the financial industry to better understand the sustainability of investment portfolios.

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Climate change is one of the greatest market failures of our time, we need a fundamental shift in our economic system to survive. At 414, we aim to transform the financial investment sector by reducing greenwashing and promoting a positive impact. Our web application, built on new EU regulations, helps the financial industry better understand the sustainability goals their investments. 

Our values 

We foster an open and honest company culture, encouraging the sharing of concerns and embracing our differences. Our commitment to transparency in the financial market is reflected in our daily work and communication. 

We aim to build an international team that learns from each other. Climate change affects everyone, and we believe in a shared responsibility to combat it, irrespective of cultural backgrounds. 

We take a strong stand against greenwashing. At 414, we ensure our actions consistently aim to minimize greenwashing, maintaining a high standard of integrity in all we do. 

Prioritizing team and personal development 

We believe in a lean way of working, where everything and everyone in the company focuses on creating value for the customer. This starts with an organizational structure that facilitates this for both the team and for you. 

  • Flat organization, we don't believe in rigid hierarchies;

  • Growth hacking mentality: small steps, lots of testing;

  • Presentation Circles: we learn from each other; 

  • Brainstorming sessions: discuss strategy and innovations; 

  • Time for learning: follow (online) courses or attend events. 

Have fun together 

We value a pleasant working atmosphere and great colleagues. We do everything to maintain team building and humor. Some examples:  

  • Daily group lunches; 

  • Friday afternoon drinks from 4:30 PM; 

  • Monthly sports activity, not mandatory; 

  • Quarterly team activities, with dinner in the city; 

  • Table tennis breaks; 

  • Summer barbecue in July and Christmas dinner in December; 

  • Birthday treats, if it’s your birthday, you treat us! 

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Apply now for one of the above vacancies! If there isn't a listed position that matches your skills but you are still interested in our company, you are always welcome to submit an open application. 

What do we offer our customers?

We work @ Social Impact Factory in Utrecht 

A vibrant place for companies that want to make an impact. A place where our employees feel comfortable and can develop optimally. By having our office at the Social Impact Factory, you get many facilities and fun activities included: 

  • Located at Kromme Nieuwegracht 3 in Utrecht, easily accessible by bike and public transport; 

  • Also 2 other locations where you can work remotely, one in near the train station in Utrecht (Vredenburg), one in Amsterdam (Kouwgomballenfabriek); 

  • Trendy shared meeting rooms and workspaces; 

  • Meet colleagues from other companies in the building; 

  • Coffee machines (and tea); 

  • Regular events and knowledge sessions for start-ups and scale-ups.